Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Chocolate fountain work?


Inside the fountain is a specially designed stainless steel corkscrew that rotates the chocolate from the base of the fountain up to the opening at the top, which then overflows and cascades back down into the basin.

What type of events can the fountain be hired for?

The chocolate fountain can be hired for absolutely any event, from weddings to christenings, corporate events to birthdays … just about any celebration in order to impress your guests.

Is an operator essential?

chocolate fountain people party food confectionery celebration

We believe that it is essential that a trained operator is present. This is to ensure that food hygiene is maintained throughout and that your guests enjoy the chocolate fountain to its maximum potential. This will also allow you to enjoy your event without having any additional concerns about the chocolate fountain.

Where is it suitable for a chocolate fountain?

Chocolate fountains work best indoors and they can also be used in marquees as long as the flooring is stable and flat. Warm, delicious flowing chocolate is as tempting to insects as it is to us so we cannot operate directly outdoors.

What chocolate is used?


We only use the finest Belgian Couverture Chocolate and it is only used once. We will be happy to leave the remaining chocolate in a container if you would like.

 Will my venue need to supply a table and a tablecloth?

Yes. We do prefer a round table and tablecloth to be provided for us (approx 4′ foot diameter is ideal). However, we can provide our own table and tablecloth if needed.

 Is a power supply needed?

Yes. At least a 13 amp power supply is needed close to where the fountain is going to be placed.


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